TRP attorneys have expansive of experience in full range of litigation and corporate practice areathat cuts across multiple industries.With TRP as your legal advisor, you can maximize your business interest and remain on the right side of the law.

We see that legal should be available for all, from small medium business enterprise to multinational companies.  Thus, our sensible billing policy ensures clients timely and cost-sensitive representation that is efficient, yet effective.

Dispute Resolution and General Litigation

Arbitration and Commercial Litigation

Complex working relationships among individuals, companies and other organizations means that disagreements are inevitable, especially when people from diverse work environment work together in a competitive marketplace. Thus, the risk of business activities resulting in disputes giving rise to litigation or arbitration is real.

We are proactive in resolving disputes in the best interest of our clients, emphasizing the need to be efficient and expedient in the chosen course of action. We are well-placed to offer clients outstanding legal advice and provide professional and efficient legal service, whether in a court room, arbitration, tribunal hearing or other dispute resolution forum.

Criminal Proceedings

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon in Indonesia to use criminal law as an approach to resolve commercial disputes and to stir up attention from the media in an effort to sway public opinion. We have represented individuals and corporate clients in all stages of investigation and trial proceeding, from filing of initial reports, to police examination, evidence preparation, and court representations. 

State Administrative Proceedings

Our lawyers have critical experience and expertise in bringing cases before the State Administrative Court to nullify administrative decisions and defend client interests when government officials act outside the scope of their authority or render erroneous decisions.

Advisory and Regulatory Compliance

The enactment of the omnibus law has shown how the Indonesian government intends to promote investment by boosting the ease of doing business and investing in Indonesia. However, it is also evident that Indonesia has an evolving and ever-changing regulatory environment, which means companies will have to be adaptive and be able to promptly adjust to such changes.

General day to day advisory becomes one of the services (to be) in demand, due to companies, from small medium enterprises to multinational companies, increasing awareness on the need to have their business activities to comply  with the laws and regulation as it is a prerequisite in better decision making and strategic planning.

Banking and financial transaction

TRP advises on all manners of structured financing, from simple secured or unsecured bilateral lending, to multi-lender and complex credit facilities. We handle syndicated, club and bilateral loan documentation, project finance, property finance, acquisition finance, securitization and structured finance, banking documentation, and regulatory issues.

Construction, Real Estate and Infrastructure

TRP earned their reputation as a firm consisting of a team of lawyers experienced in all aspect of construction legal matters. We assist our clients throughout the project life cycle of complex infrastructure and construction projects. This includes all stages of development and delivery and extends to financing and disputes under all forms of construction contracts.

Indonesia's outstanding growth in the industrial, natural resources, and real estate sectors, combined with significant government support for public-private partnerships, means that infrastructure and commercial and residential property development opportunities abound across the archipelago.

We advise public and private entities, developers, landowners, as well as contractors, on all legal aspects of construction, from project financing, EPC contract, tender documents preparation, land acquisition, structuring and permit, to workforce issues.

Corporate and General Commercial

Indonesia's rapid economic growth and dynamic regulatory environment make investing here an enticing, but challenging opportunity. Our seasoned transactional specialists will ensure that you achieve the most favourable results, with minimal bureaucratic hassle.

Debt Restructuring, | Bankruptcy / Suspension of Payment

In Indonesia, bankruptcy and suspension of payment can be applied by debtors and creditors alike, which resulted/shows to be an effective and efficient mechanism and considered to be a viable option as it has already been exercised by companies in Indonesia by means to restructure debt with their multiple creditors. Our partners are well versed in assisting your legal needs to ensure our clients smooth proceedings in the event of debt restructuring.

Employment and Labor

Indonesia is often deemed as one of the toughest pro-labor legal regimes in the world and an active union sector makes labor disputes a common feature of doing business. Frequent changes in the law means that clients need up-to-the-minute advice and guidance in order to keep their businesses legally compliant while remaining commercially viable.

Our services include drafting of employment contract and collective labor agreement, foreign employee permits, development of personnel policies and workplace rules, employment audits, advising clients on termination and severance, and settlement in the Industrial Relations court.

Energy and Natural Resources

Indonesia is vast and rich with natural resources all throughout the archipelago, with rare earth mineral being the latest commodities in demand in the global market.

The Indonesian government actively encourages private sector investment in electricity generation using renewable technologies, including establishing a fixed feed in tariff for small and medium scale (0-10MW) projects. We have direct experience developing a renewable energy project and can pass on the benefit of this experience to clients seeking to invest in this sector.

Foreign Direct Investment

We assist companies in all aspects of establishment of foreign investment (PMA) companies, permanent establishments, subsidiaries, and joint-ventures under the Indonesian investment regime, including drafting of agreements and company documents, registration of permits and licenses, regulatory and environmental compliance, manpower, immigration documents, and acquisition of land and buildings.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We have advised and represented clients on major M&A transactions throughout the phases of transaction, from negotiation to restructuring, conducting legal due diligences, drafting agreements, signing and closing.  In most cases we possess the necessary skillset to manage the entire transaction which includes conducting legal due diligence, providing strategic advice, negotiating terms, drafting documentation and regulatory filings. Hence, we represent participants in transactions in all capacities – purchasers, sellers, financiers, financial advisers, directors and shareholders.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Indonesia has an evolving regulatory environment, which means companies have to be able to adapt quickly when the government changes the rules of doing business. We provide a detailed outlook on every angle of your business decisions, in order to assess the business and legal risks that might arise and determine the appropriate contingencies.